Ales120 120m/480m Twin Active InfraRed Dual Beam (Pair)


Ales120 120m/480m Twin Active InfraRed Dual Beam (Pair)

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All Ales beams are sold in pairs and available in wireless and hard wired versions. Ales is a low cost dual beam detector for external use. Installation is quick and easy with Politec’s unique SMA (Single Man Alignment) technology using simple audible and visual set up. The receiving beam employs a buzzer and high visibility LED when the transmitting beam is aligned. Beams can be adjusted by 20° vertically or 180° horizontally.

All Ales beam sets come complete with brackets for wall or pole mounting. There are two zinc-coated pole lengths available – 1 metre or 2 metres.

Full protection is provided covering alarm, tamper, low battery and fog alert. Beams will not operate in foggy conditions as the signal between transmitter and receiver cannot be detected. AND/OR gating is employed on all beams and response and output functions can be set using dip switches.


Wireless Ales beams are fitted with Luminite transmitters making them compatible with the Genesis product range. Detection range is 50m and the wireless transmission range is up to 1km.line of sight when a high gain aerial (AE434mag3db) is fitted to the masthead receiver (LGMT434 / LGIPMT434 or LGMRU4x4). Wireless ALES beams use eight Lithium AA cell batteries (4 in the transmitter and 4 in the receiver). These are supplied already fitted. A low battery audible alert has also been built in.

  • Typical battery life is 2 – 3 years.
  • Hard Wired

Detection range is 60m for the Ales 60 or 120m for the Ales 120.

Hard wired Ales 60 and 120 beans require a 12v DC power supply. These can also be heat controlled when used with the thermostat kit (ALES TS) – for use in large open air installations where condensation can be a problem.

  • 78mm (L) x 78mm (D) x 185mm (H)
  • IP65 rated
  • 120m External Range (Black)
  • 480m Internal Range (Black)
  • 12Vdc
  • Tamper
  • Pulsed 950nm Beams
  • Parallel Beams
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