LGWP4004 Genesis Wireless Head - 40m x 4.5m


LGWP4004 Genesis Wireless Head - 40m x 4.5m


Genesis uses sophisticated signal processing and optics to minimise nuisance alarms caused by the sun, shadows and reflections. The Genesis detector is now well established in the market and recognised as a reliable and sturdy product with excellent wireless communication capabilities. A>D (Analogue to Digital) conversion and a powerful micro controller ensure accurate reliable detection under challenging conditions. Strong and durable, the enclosure is made from 3mm thick Polycarbonate and stainless steel locking bolts for added strength. Battery life is around two years which is achieved by a special regulator that maintains optimum performance while the batteries are running down.

  • BS8418 compliant
  • 40m x 4.5m detection pattern
  • Grade 2 EN50131-1 compliant
  • 2 year Warranty
  • 2 year battery life (activation dependant)
  • Mounting height between 2.5 and 4m
  • Enclosure tamper
  • Anti masking
  • Shock sensor
  • 3 axis orientation sensor
  • single dual pyro sensor
  • Temp. compensation
  • day light compensation
  • Periodic polling
  • 1km transmission pan european UHF band
  • IP66
  • Operating temp. range -10 to +60 degrees

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