TruVision DVR 15HD HD Hybrid 4 channel Compact 100%IP


TruVision DVR 15HD HD Hybrid 4 channel Compact 100%IP

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The TruVision DVR 15cHD (TVR 15CHD) is a cost-effective HD Hybrid video recorder capable of recording up to 4 camera inputs. This HD Hybrid recorder is uniquely qualified to upgrade existing analog installations, offering a competitive and practical solution for the market of HD analog, standard analog and hybrid recorders.

Using the open HD-TVI technology, TVR 15CHD can connect any HD-TVI camera, offering resolutions up to 5 MPX over existing coax cable. Next to HD-TVI, TVR 15CHD also connects standard analog cameras, allowing reuse of existing analog cameras which do not yet need to be replaced/upgraded. Finally, TVR 15CHD is capable of connecting TruVision IP cameras up to 4 MPX to all its channels (when disabling the analog channels).

HD-TVI allows you to run an analog signal (up to 5 MPX) over existing standard coax cabling, following the same specifications as for standard analog systems today. Additionally, TVR 15CHD allows you to access the local onscreen- display menu of TruVision HD-TVI cameras through over-the-coax control. This saves time in setup and facilitates maintenance afterwards.

TVR 15CHD has an alarm receiver module embedded inside. The alarm message receiver can connect to up to three Interlogix IP intrusion panels that report in SIA or XSIA format. Alarm messages, disarming and arming messages can be send from the alarm panel to the recorder, which then can take actions (trigger alarm recording, send a PTZ to a preset, run a shadow tour or preset tour, trigger an alarm output or send a notification message to TVRmobile). Also the heartbeat message between panel and recorder is monitored. This solution offers straightforward alarm verification and is free of charge.

  • Linux embedded Plug and Play configuration
  • Supports standard analog,HD-TVI and IP technology
  • Up to 4 analog cameras
  • Up to 4 IP cameras (when disabling all analog channels)
  • Up to 5 MPX HD-TVI camera support
  • Up to 4 Mpx IP camera support
  • Support for ONVIF Profile S IP cameras
  • Over-the-coax control for TruVision HD-TVI cameras
  • Use existing coax cabling for HD-TVI cameras
  • New icon based front panel
  • Real time Full HD recording
  • Up to 4 TB internal storage
  • Reverse video playback
  • USB video export
  • Start-up wizard for quick and easy installation
  • HDMI, VGA and BNC video (event only) outputs
  • V-stream support
  • Front panel controls
  • Operations through OSD/browser/software
  • Integration of UTC IP intrusion panels via SIA/XSIA reporting
  • TruVision Navigator license-free client/host or standalone application
  • TVRmobile app for iOS and Android
  • IP Keypad support
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