Wireless Alert Safety System - Security


Wireless Alert Safety System - Security

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The wireless alert safety system uses a secure mesh radio protocol to provide a long range, penetrating and robust system. Ideal for use within buildings and with a range of up to 1km between units, this alert system ensures reliable operation in the most demanding environments. Smart power saving techniques ensure a long battery life of up to three years which keeps service calls to a minimum and reduces environmental impact. The system can be supervised onsite from a master control unit. The control unit manages the whole wireless system enabling global set/unset and reporting battery status.

  • Battery powered wireless system
  • Up to 64 units per system
  • 3 year battery life
  • Low battery alerts
  • Long range transmission (1km plus)
  • Mesh radio technology negates the need for separate repeaters
  • Rapidly deployable and reusable
  • Bluetooth set up and analytics with mobile app

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