Partnering with brands that offer the highest quality products and follow the same core values as us is at the heart of our business.


Luminite Electronics

Luminite Electronics remain our longest standing partners since our establishment back in 1997. Luminite are specialists in PIR detection and wireless alert systems: designing and manufacturing products from their factory in North London for over 37 years. Luminite possess extensive experience in both the security and home automation markets.

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Back in 2019, partnering with one of the global leaders in the security industry was a proud moment for us. Uniview products have a really high-quality look and feel. Image quality is incredible, and the product has the competitive ability to be able to compete in terms of cost with other leading brands, without compromising functionality or build quality.

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Back in 2020, we became the sole distributor of Tenda products for the IPCCTV market in the UK. We made a decision to partner with Tenda as they are recognised as a leading supplier of networking devices. More importantly, we believe you will reap the biggest benefit as we will offer a range of high-performance networking solutions at a very competitive price.

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We chose to partner with IndigoVision back in 2018 because they provide a unique product range and withhold the same core value as us: putting the customer first. IndigoVision provide open, end-to-end video security systems. With no single point of failure, the ability to add any number of products to your installation and a system that’s incredibly network friendly, you can be reassured your security system’s performance is top-notch.

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