Consignment Stock Explained

At QED, we are proud of being able to offer our customer’s a service such as consignment stock.

Are you fed up of paying delivery for multiple small order quantities? What about even when our next day 10:30am delivery is too late for you? Then you would have to source the equipment locally; losing valuable time. Furthermore, how does less paper work sound? And how about your stock being available 24/7?

I hope we have got your attention. You’re probably thinking that it sounds too good to be true. However, at QED, we value our customers and consistently prioritise you and your business’s needs. Hence why this service is entirely beneficial to you.


Example: You could order 6 month’s worth of stock in one order which would potentially result in free delivery*. Then, your stock is delivered and stored on your site, available 24/7 to use. Even better, we audit your stock at the end of every month so you simply do not have to do anything. Admin will decrease with only one invoice for your order and lastly (the best bit), monthly inventories are taken so that you will only pay for the stock you have used, nothing more.

*Free delivery on orders over £250

Consignment Stock Infographic:


We truly believe this service is of fantastic benefit to your business. Call us today on 01772 336 111 or email the team at to sort your consignment stock delivery today.

For more information, visit our services page on our website.

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