Dark nights are creeping in – burglars are taking advantage

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 in Blog

Burglars take advantage of dark nights

Halifax reported a 35% increase in claims for forced burglaries in the darker months of last year compared to summertime. In fact, The Independent reported Aviva’s home insurance claims for theft rose by 115% on Bonfire Night alone in 2018 compared with typical days. Each year when the clocks go back, we see a surge of reports in home burglaries. As a security distributor, it’s our responsibility to provide you with the products we believe will contribute towards keeping your customers safe–especially in times like this where opportunist thieves take advantage of the dark nights that are quickly drawing in.

First of all, we recommend contacting your customer and advising them to check windows and doors before leaving their homes or businesses. As the clocks go back, this the ideal time to ask them about a potential update to their existing CCTV systems or for those without one, for them to consider installing CCTV security cameras.

Using CCTV to deter potential thieves

CCTV cameras on show outside properties deter opportunist thieves and burglars. You will see footage on the news and social media of burglars being caught in the act because of CCTV systems recording them during a break in! Therefore, we believe the Uniview CCTV camera kits are the ideal product for that extra layer of security:

Excellent Performance. Affordable Prices. Perfect for home installs.

Uniview IP CCTV Camera Kits come wth 4 or 8 IP cameras, plus an NVR. System scalability options give the flexibility required to add additional cameras as and when needed.

Your customers can also view their property via the free mobile app 24/7, no matter where they are.

If you want to protect your customers with reliable security solutions, contact us today and we will have the perfect solution for any security install.

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