What do Electric Vehicles mean for the National Grid?

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 in Blog

Electric Vehicles Demand on The Grid

In our most recent blog post surrounding high demand on National Grid, we discuss ways in which the Government are trying to reduce the strain. Even though renewable energy sources provide efficient reduction in CO2 emissions, electric vehicles are on the rise, which means good news for our planet, but could mean bad news for the Grid…

In the 21st century, technological developments resulted in electric vehicle demand increasing. Their environmentally friendly features seem to be what vehicle manufacturers desire for the future of their businesses. Volvo has in fact stated all its new vehicles will be electric or hybrid from 2019. Meanwhile, France pledge to stop selling new petrol or diesel cars by 2040. Plug-in cars could reach 9 million by 2030: a dramatic jump from the current 90,000 on Britain’s roads.

See below QED’s very own hybrid, company cars.

Electric Vehicles

So, what does this mean for National Grid?

In The Guardian’s most recent article surrounding Electric Vehicles, National Grid stated:

Peak electricity demand could exceed the capacity of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station by 2030. Additionally, by this time, peak demand could soar by 8GW if electric vehicles are not efficiently charged in off-peak times.

What if people only charge their vehicles in peak times when they are home from work? Where will all this electricity come from? Demand on the Grid could be so high that fluctuations and surges could become a regular thing; thus, becoming an increasingly uncertain electricity source.

The Problem, and the Solution

The main issues being increasing demand on the Grid, CO2 emissions and unreliable electricity sources. How would you feel if we had a solution to all of these issues? An off-grid continuous electricity supply for your business. Powering security, retail and office: the possibilities are endless…

At QED, we have a solution for your business to directly plug into renewable energy sources: saving energy and reducing power loss when converting from AC to DC.

Introducing EV: Energy Vault. Our solution is ideal for businesses suffering with unreliable electricity sources, and for those who simply want to reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, this innovative product grows with your business; delivering a fast ROI which you will notice through daily electrical savings. Even after 10 years of heavy, daily usage, EV delivers high performance energy storage with its long-lasting batteries. Thus, providing you with annual savings and eliminating costly replacement batteries and maintenance fees.

The demand for electricity at peak-times can be reduced efficiently with EV. You can recharge your EV during off-peak times. The 1500W per hour recharging time boosts batteries during the night, allowing you to take advantage of the best electricity tariffs.

Time Average Cost Per Kwh
Midnight to 7:00am 6p
7:00am to Midnight 12p

With EV, you get confidence. Delivering high performance energy storage even after 10 years of heavy, daily usage. Let’s start reducing our energy wastage. Take the next step today, call QED on 01772 336111.

EV: the innovative energy system.

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