High Demand on The Grid

With increasing demand on the National Grid, the Government is searching for new ways to reduce the strain. New rules will make generating electricity through solar panels far easier; which people can store in batteries and then sell to the National Grid; therefore, making profit.

In the BBC’s most recent article surrounding the National Grid and new rules, the Government and energy regulator Ofgem said,

“If they work, consumers will save £17bn to £40bn by 2050.”

Furthermore, demand on the grid is highest at peak times. The Government is looking to reduce this by briefly turning off some domestic, electrical devices (such as freezers) to help balance the demand. Also, switching on devices via the internet would maximise the use of solar panels when the sun is shining. Currently, people face tariffs when using electricity within their homes. The Government now understand this must change for people to use power more flexibly and individuals with solar panels / battery storage will benefit from this rule change first.

Nicola Shaw, executive director of National Grid, told BBC News that between 30% and 50% of fluctuations on the grid could be smoothed by households and businesses adjusting their demand at peak times.

QED’s Energy Vault Solution

QED have a solution for your business to directly plug into these sources: saving energy and reducing power loss when converting from AC to DC.

Introducing EV. The innovative Energy Vault that can save your business up to 100% of current usage. Our Energy Vault can power security, retail and offices! Growing with your business to deliver a fast ROI which you will notice through daily electrical savings. Also, EV’s long-lasting batteries with a 10-year life span provide you with annual savings, eliminating costly replacement batteries and maintenance fees.




Take advantage of The EV

Recharge your EV during off-peak times. The 1500W per hour recharging time boosts batteries during the night, allowing you to take advantage of the best electricity tariffs. Our solution is ideal for businesses suffering with unreliable electricity sources and for those who simply want to save money whilst reducing their carbon footprint. How fantastic would you feel knowing you contributed towards improving our planet for future generations?

With EV, you get confidence. Delivering high performance energy storage even after 10 years of heavy, daily usage. Let’s start reducing our energy wastage. Take the next step today, call QED on 01772 336111.

EV: the innovative energy system.

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