The new EV Mini

You hear a lot about the Energy Vault (EV) recently. Well now we have the EV Mini: a fully off-grid solar system with the ability to run up to 4 devices from 1.5v to 60v. The device is perfect for anywhere that energy solutions are either too difficult or too costly to deploy.

What are the differences between the EV Mini and the Energy Vault?

The tiny clue is in the name. EV Mini is a miniature EV that is entirely off-grid, unlike the standard EV which charges and operates through AC mains. Energy Vault distributes power over Cat5 cable and can charge through renewable energy sources or alternatively, the grid. Whereas this system gives devices power directly and only charges through renewable energy sources.

Energy Vault (left) and the EV Mini (right)

Energy Vault and EV Mini

The Energy Vault is a scalable and modular system, unlike the EV Mini. With the Energy Vault you can ‘scale up’ in size. So, if you have the smallest battery bank at 1.5kw, you may want to start running more devices. Then, you would ‘scale up’ to the 2.4kw or 4.8kw battery bank to run these additional devices for longer.

The EV Mini may not be ‘scaled-up’ in this way, but there is a reason as to why. The original Energy Vault’s 4.8kw battery bank weighs 59kg. Whereas the EV Mini weighs 14.5kg. This makes the system a far more compact and portable unit. It is suitable for difficult locations and external applications, especially with IP65 rated housing for outdoor monitoring. Set at a 500w capacity, 480w of that is useable power.

What other benefits does the device have?

Remotely turn the devices on and off with GSM monitoring. Through the EV app, a solar input and load output power reading allow you to track your energy savings. Another screen inside the box displays the battery capacity level, alongside the amount of power drawn and received (in watts).

EV Mini

When charging the device, integrated solar charging means up to 240 watts of solar power is available to use with the mini control box. There are also connectors to accommodate up to two renewable power sources.

With a regular EV and the EV Mini, there is now an EV for every application, whether that be large or small.

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