We are delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with Politec, PIR Beam manufacturers. Politec are an Italian company committed to developing advanced point to point beam technology. The Politec beams sets are a fantastic addition to the range and have been an instant hit with our customers.

The range integrates perfectly with the Luminite range of Genesis detectors, alongside having a number of options to suit all needs. There are ranges suited to simple window protection, through to large scale commercial applications, for example airports or army bases.

Ian Smith (Sales Director), stated, “Speed was the main reason we partnered with Politec, the Single Man Set up is a massive selling point, the fact that they can be ordered as a simple single part number, makes a massive difference to the customer. Alongside time on site being such an important factor nowadays and is easily forgotten at point of order. All these factors where answered by the Politec range”

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