Flexible mounts for any install: easy as 1, 2, 3!

We have a range of flexible camera mounts giving you 180 degree angles suitable for any kind of install. It’s so easy to source the kind of mount you want, choose the desired pole length, finish and collar; before going on to selecting the type of bracket required for your installation. You can even ask us to save your kit set up so you can easily reorder.

Step 1

Select the ceiling mount required for the installation environment. We have suitable mounts for any type of ceiling with the ability to hang from a girder or purlin support. Irrelevant of the roof pitch, we have the mounts that will allow the pole to perfectly match the angle of the drop you need.

Step 2

Choose the desired pole length, material finish and pole collar for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Add the pole coupler to join the pole to the bracket and you are nearly good to go. Finally, choose a suitable bracket or pole clamp if needed.

Step 3

Select the type of bracket for your camera or monitor type. With this range you have the flexibility to install in any environment giving you 180ยบ angles.

Why not ask us to save this kit set up and then you can easily reorder?

Shop our range of brackets and poles now.

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