Introducing IndigoVision’s new camera range

This new camera range gives you more choice than ever before: in-built analytics help operators become more efficient, while SmartCodec technology helps reduce bandwidth consumption and storage costs. Explore high resolution options including the incredible new multisensor 20MP camera AND enjoy a 5-year warranty as standard.


UX Range

The UX Range delivers enhanced situational awareness and productivity through exceptional image quality and advanced video security analytics.

Browse the UX Range

BX Range

The BX Range delivers a great value package with exceptional image quality and powerful features to enhance your security operations.

Browse the BX Range

GX Range

Built to handle tough environmental conditions, the GX Range delivers a high quality, budget-conscious solution that minimises the visual impact on your environment.

Browse the GX Range

SP Range

The SP Camera Range offers specialist camera solutions for challenging environments, lighting conditions and highly tailored objectives.

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PTZ Range

Get exceptional quality images with 360° coverage, enabling your operators to detect and monitor suspicious behaviour across wide areas, including straight down and above the horizon.

Browse the PTZ Range

  • Manufactured in North America
  • UK stock available
  • NDAA Approved: complies with the National Defense Authorisation Act
  • QED are exclusive distributors of the entire IndigoVision range in the UK


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