Needing to keep over 17,000 students safe, the University of Dundee decided to go with the IndigoVision solution supplied by Authorised Partner Scottish Communications. Wondering if your current security surveillance system is fit-for-purpose?

We are a campus that is about 72 buildings. We’ve got close to 17,000 students and about 3,000 staff members. The other part to that is that we are very centrally located downtown urban university, and of course that being said, we also don’t have a wall around the university.

IndigoVision allows us to spend our time and our resources helping people. The video intercom assistance points that we have that are integrated with IndigoVision through Control Center, they are rolled out strategically around campus, and when somebody activates that button it automatically activates a two-way video intercom. But sadly, that video intercom is about this big and it doesn’t give us a very good overall picture. So, by tying them into IndigoVision we are able to create a trigger to activate the closest PTZ camera that would turn and zoom in on the big picture view of what’s going on.

We may have 300 cameras but we only have six people on staff, but having one person who mans the Control Center means he can sit here and watch 36 cameras kind of at the same time. So instead of needing 36 people, we have 36 cameras and one person who’s monitoring them.

Campus Security, Adam speaking.

Control Center ties everything together. So, you can have an access control software, you can have a CCTV software, you can have a million-in-one different software’s, but if you have to flip between five or six of them all you’re doing is wasting time, especially in a critical incident response. You want everything as streamlined as possible, and for us, it’s that Control Center that has been that ribbon that has tied them all together. We want our officers out doing 101 other things, not sitting at a desk trying to figure out how to work a software.

The fact that the IndigoVision Control Center platform is so easy to use and it’s very easy to learn and it’s quite intuitive, means that my officers don’t have to waste time. We have all the cameras build onto a map as little icons, so as an incident moves through campus, instead of trying to scroll through a hundred cameras on a list, our officers can just click the next camera on a route and follow an incident as they move through our campus. When incidents happen, seconds count.

We’ve had an excellent partnership with the University of Dundee for over five years now. University of Dundee have vision in where they want to be in three years’ time, in five years’ time and in ten years’ time. And they share that vision with us, and they share their operational requirements from now and for the future.

IndigoVision is very responsive, they stand behind their product, but beyond that, they’re willing to work with you to make sure that your system is absolutely fit for purpose, and that’s a key thing when you’re looking for a partner.

Quality Essential Distribution are exclusive distributors of the Indigo Vision range please call us to discuss your bespoke requirements.

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