Lucy Zodion Case Study – Power Distribution for flood planes

Lucy Zodion recently developed a bespoke power distribution solution that provides power for carpark lighting in flood prone area Kirkstall Road in Leeds, West Yorkshire. This unique project required an upgraded power distribution system, to replace those water damaged by the floods of 2017.

Lucy Zodion assisted with the project, supplying the Cardigan Fields retail park with a bespoke 2m tall pair of pre-wired power distribution enclosures, with an IP66 rating to ensure water entry remains to a minimum in the instance of flooding. The 100A three phase DNO power supply ensures outdoor areas are well lit, providing a secure and accessible car parking zone for all that visit the retail park.

Lucy Zodion Pillar range

The solution is:

  • Durable – Made from heavy duty stainless steel, the pillar shells are durable to withstand extreme weather conditions, while protecting the electrical equipment within for prolonged use and public safety. As the site is prone to flooding, Lucy Zodion developed taller pillars that elevate components to one meter above ground level.
  • Safe – With water ingress a key consideration for the pillar designs, Lucy Zodion provided a solution that would protect interior components, even when submerged in water (for up to 30minutes). This was made possible by ensuring the unit offers IP66 protection. Further IP68 glands were installed within the pillar’s pre-wired terminals to ensure external wiring was protected once entering the enclosure.
  • Bespoke – Due to the nature of the project and the location of the pillars, standard products were not suitable for the Cardigan Fields specification. Lucy Zodion helped to ensure units were designed to include:
      • Lucy Zodion Photocell to control the lighting scheme, with an additional time-clock, should carpark lighting require further programming.
      • A switch fuse included and distribution section populated with MCB’s to power and control supply from the electricity company to the lighting scheme within Cardigan Fields Retail Park.
      • An internal anti-condensation heater within each enclosure to keep inner components dry, aiding longevity of both the pillar and the devices within.
      • An LED service light in each pillar, as well as a twin service socket, to aid maintenance when routine checks and upgrades take place.

Lucy Zodion has many years’ experience developing power distribution solutions

Working with each of its customers, the manufacturer is able to offer a bespoke end-to-end service that considers the unique requirements of projects on an individual basis. This is possible due to a commitment to quality and constant innovation.

Lucy Zodion can help to energise urban spaces with high-quality, safe and long-lasting power distribution solutions that meet unique project requirements. With a range of services spanning from bespoke pre-wired solutions to standard enclosures, Lucy Zodion can meet exact specifications while complying with industry standards.

For more information about Lucy Zodion power distribution products and solutions, please check out our ‘ Feeder Pillars’ page or contact us on 01772 336111 /

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