Magna Alert Amplifiers

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 in Blog

There’s a new Amp on The Block!

Quality Essential Distribution’s new Magna Alert Amplifiers are very special in their own way. The one, big difference that makes these amplifiers so much more efficient is the programmable alarm trigger. Alert Amplifiers consist of all the same features as a regular 100V line amplifier. However, Magna Alert has the alarm input feature; thus, triggering any MP3 file downloaded to its internal memory.

Magna Alert Amplifiers

Magna Alert Amplifiers: the details you need to know

QED’s Magna Alert Amplifiers are available in three different models. A 30w, 60w and 120w unit. Each have a speaker output of 100v or 70v, as well as 4, 8 and 16 Ohms to suit most applications. Alert 30 is a small, compact unit for desktop use. Whereas the 60w and 120w units are rack mountable.

With the addition of a pressure pad, PIR, door access or gate control, (basically any product that has an opening or closing pair) you can detect the intruders and then deter them with the Magna Alert audio warning message. The alarm trigger is ideal for anywhere in which audio warning may be needed in a single zone broadcast. So, let’s think of an example to put our new amplifiers into perspective…

Example: You own a piece of private land / property. Every so often, you find yourself dealing with trespassers. When your PIR system detects intruders, the Magna Alert audio warning message is triggered. Furthermore, the audio states “warning, you are trespassing on private property. Leave immediately or you will be prosecuted.” This way, the intruder is directly addressed and they know they are trespassing.

Furthermore, our Alert Amplifiers have a built in MP3 player, SD card and USB input on the front panel for your files. With the infrared remote, you can easily control the FM Radio, Bluetooth and MP3. Lastly, you can operate the amplifier from AC mains supply, or 24vdc for low voltage applications.

Magna Alert Amplifier Video

Do you want to find out more about our Amplifiers? Then we suggest you watch our new YouTube video below. Olivia explains the amplifier as she points out the main key features for you to be aware of. You can subscribe to our channel for future product videos by clicking our little logo in the bottom right corner of the video! Or simply visit our channel here.

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