nexus lockdown system

Do you service schools & have you heard of the Nexus Lockdown System?

Recent OFSTED guidelines state the LOCKDOWN alert for schools must be distinctly different from the fire alert. We suggest contacting schools in your area for potential site surveys or system installations over the Christmas holiday period.

If the last school holiday period was anything to go by, there was a flurry of orders and schools organising site surveys before confirming installation of the Nexus lockdown system during the Christmas holidays.

If you would like further information on the Nexus range or any marketing material to help you promote this system, please email or give us a call on 01772 336111.

Nexus Lockdown System

A Nexus system comprises call points with sounder / beacons and sounder / beacons only. The units have a range of up to 1km from each other. All units in range activate when one is triggered.

Many schools will require installation over the school holiday period so now is a perfect time to be speaking to them about NEXUS.

Nexus School Lockdown

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