Catastrophic Power Failure – Could your business be next?

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 in Blog

Power Failure in Businesses

Recently, British Airways faced catastrophic power failure, causing physical damage to servers in the data centre. You may remember when the event took place back in May, as holiday-goers faced long delays. In The Guardian’s article discussing the incident, the airline comments,

“There was a loss of power to the UK data centre which was compounded by the uncontrolled return of power, causing a power surge taking out our IT systems.”

The airline went on to say it was “an electrical power supply which was interrupted.”

Consequently, due to this power failure and unreliable electricity source, experts predict BA are facing a bill of up to £100m in compensation costs. This includes accommodation, hotel transportation, meals and phone calls.

Don’t be the Victim of Power Surges: Our Energy Vault Solution

The costs of down time through lost revenues and lost customers is unmeasurable. You will never know the consequences of an unreliable electricity source, until it happens to you. Imagine the impact on a business that was unable to process a credit card payment, or a till that did not have power. How about a telephone system that nobody could answer? Or having no lighting to show off your products? With our solution, this will all be a problem of the past…

Introducing EV: Energy Vault. The continuous off-grid electricity supply, providing you with confidence and control in the future of your company: all whilst reducing your electricity charges. Furthermore, Energy Vault differentiates from a UPS as it eliminates the need for one. Consequently becoming your primary source of electricity which is recheargable at the best time to suit your business’s requirements. EV allows you to take full advantage of the best electricity tariffs, removing your reliance on potentially disruptive electrical supplies, and therefore, protecting your business from power failures, spikes and surges.

Don’t let your business be the victim of power failure. The financial impact could be devastating for you. Whether this could ever happen to your business, we do not know… but we guarantee you don’t want to find out. Call QED today on 01772 336111.

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