From us, to you: QED’s bespoke services

We understand how important it is to remain time and cost efficient in business. So we offer four services for free: Consignment Stock, Technical Support, Application Design and Training Days.

Consignment Stock

QED's Bespoke Services

Consignment Stock is the service that works on saving you valuable business time and of course, money. It is a free, stock holding service held at your site, with no additional or hidden costs. This is especially worthwhile when it comes to making your life easier throughout busy periods of the year.

Although Consignment Stock remains our property, it is free for you to draw from at all times within the calendar month. We can assure you there will be no interim charges on the stock. Not only do we value our customers, but we prioritise you and your business’s needs. Hence why this service is entirely beneficial to you.

Read more about QED’s Consignment Stock.

Application Design

QED's Bespoke Services

Completely free of charge, the QED team will work with you carefully to analyse your site requirements. We will work with you closely to ensure we produce a personalised solution for your project.

What we take into account:

Installation Time: How long will it take? If you’re concerned with time constraints, we can help predict the time taken for the installation to be complete.

Matching the Product Requirement: Perhaps you need a specific device for your installation. However, you notice we distribute multiple brands of similar products. So, what are the differences? And which do you choose? We will provide you with a full insight into all product offerings. Then, you can decide which product best suits your needs.

Environmental Conditions: All you need to do is tell us your installation scenario. Is it inside? Outside? A listed building? We can then suggest the best equipment to cater to your conditions.

Customer Preferences: We listen to you. If you prefer a specific brand or have any personal preferences, we will honour this. We will provide you with a bespoke solution that includes your specific requirements.

Product Training


QED’s bespoke services also include technical product training days for your staff. Not only do you, as an employer, allow your staff to become experts by learning from the experts, but it’s all for free. We truly understand just how important it is to have your employees up to date with the latest innovations. Our aim is to ensure you achieve complete confidence and familiarity with all products. Hence why we provide expert support, just for you. Next time you have a simple query, you know who to come and talk to.

Take a look at one of our training days from 2017.

Technical Support


Our knowledgeable and professional team prioritise delivering exceptional support for you. We commit ourselves to ensuring you receive the best experience with us from your initial purchase right through to the installation. With step-by-step guidance, we are always available for advice over the phone on all of our products. We are confident that after choosing us as your preferred distributor, you will achieve peace of mind, knowing that no matter what happens we will always have your back.

We have the knowledge, the time and the expertise and we are just a simple phone call away. Ring us today on 01772 336 111 for further information on all of QED’s bespoke services.

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