QED are recycling; meet our new recycling champion!

Introducing our new recycling champion: Hannah Whittle, Operations Manager at QED. Hannah’s mission is to improve and introduce more efficient recycling systems into the workplace.

Hannah said:

“We already recycle cardboard using a large shredder in the warehouse which is then used for packing, but we didn’t recycle plastic. We discovered we receive and use lots of plastics and threw away massive amounts weekly, which would then simply go into landfill. Our existing bin collection company couldn’t offer us recycling bins, however, they said they’d recycle for us at site.  We really wanted to start recycling on our premises so everyone could see we were making a difference. After researching, we found a company that could offer recycling bins and they also had lower pricing for collection which is a win win for both of us!”

We now have a large general waste bin and a large dry mixed recycling bin in the warehouse and outside and new recycling bins in the offices. You can buy similar bins from QED Workplace.  We’re running a marketing campaign to actively encouraging staff to recycle and clearly marked the bins with information on what staff can and can’t recycle.  Hopefully this will be the start of an ongoing recycling incentive in our workplace.




Looking to the future of recycling at QED

In recent news, we can’t ignore how serious climate change is and how quickly we all need to act to minimise the damage to our planet. Although recycling is a small incentive, we hope doing our bit contributes towards the wider purpose.  Hannah said:

“We are gradually doing our bit for the environment day by day. We already have hybrid company cars, we have solar panels on our roof that contribute towards powering our ICT systems, and we are certified in ISO 14001.”

In January 2019, QED obtained the ISO 14001 standard. As part of this process we had to assess as a business our impact on the environment. We’re proud of this achievement and we regularly meet to review the ISO goals and standards in preparation for the the annual assessment by an external auditor.

Asking our Recycling Champion, Hannah:

What made you push for better recycling in the workplace?

“I recycle at home and I always wanted to bring what I did at home into the workplace. I know if all businesses adopt similar recycling initiative, together we can make a big difference. I want QED to be one of those businesses that do their bit to tackle climate change.”

What are your goals with recycling?

“I want everyone to feel good about recycling and actually want to recycle. Ideally recycling should become second nature to everyone, not like something that is a task or a chore.”

What will you consider successful regarding recycling?

“We’ll be monitoring how much we recycle and save from going to landfill. If we can reduce the amount of waste we put into the general waste bin, look at different materials to enable us to move away from using as much plastic as well as encouraging our supplier to look at reducing their plastic consumption that would be amazing.”

ISO 14001

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