IP PoE Active 10w Vandal Resistant Speaker Int only


IP PoE Active 10w Vandal Resistant Speaker Int only


Deploy an audio PA system over an IP Network with Netgenium IP Speakers and make paging announcements via an IP Telephone system or PC.

The IP Speaker offers interoperability between Cisco Call Manager for Audio announcements using G.711 audio, and the ability to ‘pipe’ background music from a multicast audio source.

Integrate speakers with Netgenium’s PolicyServer and NGx consoles applications and make targeted paging announcements to an individual or group of individuals within a specific ‘Zone’ in your building.

By utilising Power over Ethernet, the speaker is easy to deploy and manage. Features such as mute and volume are controlled via software.

  • Native IP Device
    Speakers connect to your IP network. Simple to install and easily configured with a web browser.

  • Power over Ethernet
    Single cable deployment. Onboard Audio amplifier delivering up to 10W with IEEE802.3af

  • Prioritised Audio
    The ASP7208-IP supports up to 9 levels of priorty for audio announcements for selective muting.

  • Flex I/O
    Features 4 Flex Inputs and 4 Flex Outputs. Each Flex I/O is configurable via the browser interface, providing flexible configuration options for attached I/O.

  • IP Integration
    Netgenium’s PolicyServer provides automated announcements along with seamless integration with Cisco Skinny and SIP IP Telephony and Milestone Xprotect Smart Client.

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