Nexus Internal Wireless Slave Voice Annunciator & Strobe Red


Nexus Internal Wireless Slave Voice Annunciator & Strobe Red


The new NEXUS Wireless Alert system from Luminite is aimed at construction sites, parks, utility sites, buildings undergoing refurbishment, beaches – anywhere requiring a robust warning system to fire, suspected terrorist attack or any other alert event requiring evacuation. It is quick and easy to install with no civil works or cabling required and is fully portable. This makes it ideal, for example, for evolving building sites, or as a temporary bridging system for buildings changing their current fire alert system.

  • Battery powered (not included, order part 414-0059)
  • Rapidly deployable and reusable
  • Wireless with up to 250 units on one site
  • Long range transmission of 1km between units
  • Visual beacon and audible sounder
  • Works on advanced wireless mesh protocol negating the need for repeaters
  • IP Masthead receiver available for remote monitoring
  • 3 year battery life with low battery alerts

This is a battery powered system that will, when activated, give an audible and visual alert with the aim of minimising disruption whilst ensuring the safety of the public and workforce.

With a wireless range of 1km line of sight between units, and a maximum of 16 mesh hops, NEXUS has a potential range of 16km. There is a maximum of 250 units per site, and when one NEXUS unit is activated, it will trigger all units in range to sound an audible alert, accompanied by a flashing beacon light.

An IP Masthead can be added to the system so that up to 250 units can be monitored and controlled from one central location. This can be, for example, the site office computer or a Central Monitoring Station (CMS). To facilitate this function, NEXUS provide a dedicated PC and mobile app. Additionally, you can assign a name and location to each unit, ensuring a quick and efficient reaction to any alert event. You can also integrate with Immix and other popular CMS platforms. Please see diagrams for an illustration of the options available.

Silent test mode functionality is built in to minimise disruption and can be activated from any one of the NEXUS units using the key switch, or remotely when using an IP Masthead.

In all instances of activation, both the sounders and flashing beacons will continue until reset, however, the initial triggered unit will continue to flash until the call point button is manually reset.

Intelligent power saving technology ensures a long battery life of up to three years, keeping service calls to a minimum and reducing the environmental impact. A low battery alert is available via the IP Masthead, as well as on each unit.

NEXUS is available as external units are fully weatherproof to IP66 standard.

Places where NEXUS may be used include:

  • construction sites
  • vacant properties
  • utility sites
  • parks or woodland
  • beaches
  • schools
  • stately home grounds
Colour Red
Master/Slave Slave
Type Voice Annunciator & Strobe
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