Uniview CW180 Heat Tracker Series

UNV (Uniview)

Uniview CW180 Heat Tracker Series

UNV (Uniview)

Uniview Heat Tracker Series

Configuration Standards:

1. IPC

2. NVR

3. Monitor

4. Temperature measurement module

5. Bracket

Products also include mouse, power adapter, etc., integrated delivery, factory installation can be directly applied, no need for external products.

Product value
It can realise the function of rapid temperature screening in airports, ports, high-speed railway stations, passenger transport stations, government buildings, financial institutions, hospitals, shopping centres/retail parks, office buildings, large industrial parks and other places with large staff turnover to effectively avoid cross-infection.

Key Features

  • Automatic temperature measurement, the demo video is played continuously for 24 hours
  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Supports voice linkage, real-time alarm of people with a fever
  • Real-time snapshot of the human face during temperature measurement
  • Functions include no mask reminder
  • Real-time statistics of the total number of temperature measurements, showing the number of normal and abnormal people readings
  • Export feature for temperature measurement data reports
  • The APP can receives the alarm of abnormal body temperature, also can view the facial snapshot and temperature
  • Reduction in labour costs
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