TP-Link Powerline 600 Passthrough Starter Kit


TP-Link Powerline 600 Passthrough Starter Kit



HomePlug AV Standard Compliant

The HomePlug AV standard creates high-speed data transfer rates of up to 600Mbps to support all your online activities.

One-Button Security - Simply puhs the pair button on the adapeters, and quickly set up a hassle-free powerline network.

Plug and Play! - Powerline adampters and externders must be deployed in a set of two or more. Simply plug them into wall outlets and enjoy the internet.

Internet from any Outlet - The AV600 passthrough powerline starter kit brings internet to any area with a power outlet using your homes's electrical wiring.



  • Ultra-fast Powerline Speed - HomePlug AV standard complieant, high speed data transfer rate of up to 600Mbps, ideal for Ultra HD streaming and online gaming.
  • Ethernet Prot - The ethernet wport allows your TV, game console or PC to connect to the intrnet at high speeds.


  • 300 / 1000 fee range over the exisitng household power circuit.


  • Mains filter inside the outlet reduces eletrical noice interference and improves powerline communication performance.

Ease of Use

  • Plug and Play - no configeration required
  • No new wires, use existing electricla wiring to expand your home netwrok
  • Keep your outlet - an integrated socket lets you power regular devices as normal, and a built-in noise filter prevetns them afrom interrupting the powerline signal.
  • TP-Link tpPLC - allows you to easily manage your network using the tpPLC Utility.


  • Pair button - 128-bit AES encryption easily at a push of the "Pair" button.

Energy Saving

  • Power saving mode helps reducing power consumption by up to 85%



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