Protecting cameras and reducing false call outs with SpiderEx

If you are the owner of a CCTV system, or an engineer on call-out for an alarm trigger, then you know the nightmare that is spiders nesting over CCTV cameras. Whether you’re wasting personal time trying to bat the critters away, or you’re wasting precious business time when you realise your call out is nothing more than an 8-legged creature, there is a solution that works to protect your cameras and reduce false call outs.

“We’ve had problems with spiders setting off the burglar alarm. Since we used this spray no more false alarms.” – Amazon Review by B. Moroney

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Keeping Spiders off your cameras

There are many methods that people use in attempt to keep spiders from nesting in their homes: conkers, lime juice, WD40, strong smells. However, what happens when you need this removal on your CCTV equipment? Equipment that you have invested money into and wouldn’t exactly want to squirt lime juice on, tie conkers to or spray with WD40 and potentially damage the lens. It is difficult to find a solution that works precisely for outdoor security equipment such as CCTV cameras.

“Great stuff for use on CCTV camera areas that keep attracting spiders where the IR heat attracts them. I spray this around the area on the wall and on the camera casing to deter spiders from making webs. Best used for me when I use a long reach duster to spread the repellent around the lens and around the camera mouth on the wall. Well worth the cost.” – Amazon Review by Nigel

Introducing SpiderEx spray

As a company in their 22nd year of trading in the security market, we picked up on the spider problem through personal experiences and created a product to prevent spiders nesting over CCTV cameras. The amount of false alarm triggers that insects set off is 30% according to Which News. Specifically, they state that “cleaning your alarm sensors should prevent spiders creating webs and walking across them, which causes a lot of false alarms”. With SpiderEx, spiders won’t even approach your sensors, let alone get the opportunity to walk along them!

“I have the biggest phobia, and to me this is just the best product ever! Been using this for 10 years and couldn’t live without it.” – Amazon Review by Caroline


How SpiderEx works

The heat from the IR on CCTV cameras, as well as the fact other bugs hide there, attracts spiders to nest in and around the CCTV lens. SpiderEx is an aerosol spray, specially designed to remove spiders from any area it is applied; in this case, your CCTV cameras, camera housing and alarm sensors (indoor and outdoor). It does not leave any sticky marks or residue. It leaves a clear formula that is hard to see and sets into a lacquer. Simply spray the product 30cm away from the area you wish to apply it to. If using on security equipment, cover the optical surface with a clean cloth whilst applying SpiderEx onto the camera housing. Our spider spray is completely safe too! SpiderEx has a full professional and domestic license granted by the HSE (number 8682). SpiderEx will work by deterring spiders from all security equipment. If you are using the product indoors, please ensure the room is well ventilated and pets are removed from the room whilst spraying the product.

“Spiders on my CCTV cameras drove me mad – hundreds of motion recordings and alerts every night because spiders just love my cameras. One quick squirt put a stop to them and didn’t interfere with the clarity of the videos at all. The first spraying lasted over 3 weeks until we had very heavy rain – the first sign of a spider’s leg and I resprayed. I was initially put off by the price but I can tell this one can is going to last months and I won’t hesitate to replace it. Great product, highly recommend.” – Amazon Review by Ethel

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