SpiderEx Spray – A CCTV Camera’s Best Friend.

SpiderEx works to keep spiders and other creepy-crawlies away from CCTV cameras. The product saves you time and money on call-outs, as it prevents frequent issues with false alarm triggers.

SpiderEx also is a handy domestic helper, as people begin to use the product within their homes to remove spiders from places such as caravans, garages, boats, cars, motorbikes and sheds.

What is SpiderEx?

The spray has been specially developed to remove spiders from any area it is applied. It leaves an odourless film without any sticky residue. The product also works wonders on ants, cockroaches, beetles, centipedes, dog ticks, fleas, flies, silverfish and wasps. With an overall score of 9.2 on Repellent Guide, SpiderEx is suitable as a domestic home helper or to prevent spiders nesting over your business CCTV cameras.

Commercial Amazon Review

“Great stuff for use on CCTV camera areas that keep attracting spiders where the IR heat attracts them. I spray this around the area on the wall and on the camera casing to deter spiders from making webs. Best used for me when I use a long reach duster to spread the repellent around the lens and around the camera mouth on the wall. Well worth the cost.” – Nigel

Domestic Amazon Review

“I was recommended SpiderEx by a customer who had great results from it. I now sell it in our small chandlery so all my customers an benefit from its results. No spiders, no webs and no black spots to clean away when you return to your boat. Unlike some of the other products on the market, it leaves no marks or greasy residue. It’s a must have for all boaters and I use it in the house as well!” – Rachel Garrison

Watch the official SpiderEx video:

You can purchase SpiderEx from the official site, or from Lakeland and Amazon. Alternatively, you can ring Quality Essential Distribution on 01772 336111.

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