Sport Relief Fundraising at Quality Essential Distribution

On Thursday 22nd of March, the QED team came together to fundraise in the most inventive way possible for Sport Relief. With all sorts of prizes lined up for grabs, we could not resist emptying our pockets and purses for the fun-filled games. We raised £144.77! Well done everyone! The theme for Sport Relief 2018 was ‘Whatever Moves You’. So, we had games such as putting and basketball, but we also had many games that included food – because food moves us.




The QED Games

So, we brought back the famous QED Games! The last time (and the first time) we did the QED Games was for Children in Need 2017! The games were such a success that we couldn’t not bring them back again. We just changed them up a little bit. We scattered all the games around the QED office. All had their own rules and their own unique touch.

Baby Board

The Baby Board was a very popular game. We created a board of baby pictures from QED staff and each player had a sheet to fill in. Can you believe Debbie guessed all fifteen babies correct?!


How well do you know your colleagues?

This quiz was brilliant! Olivia collected a series of very intriguing and obscure facts about the staff. Once collected, she put them into a quiz so that everyone could try and guess who was who! Below you can see some of the obscure facts about our staff:

  1. Hannah Whittle was on Granada Reports twice.
  2. Kerry Thorpe has a tattoo from her neck to lower back.
  3. Tracy had a houseboy called Godwin when spending her childhood in Africa.
  4. Olivia tried to eat rabbit poo when she was a child, thinking it was a raisin.
  5. Jack had lead poisoning as a child.
  6. Howard’s 2nd cousin’s, Godfather is Matt Dawson off Question of Sport.
  7. Joel at 10 years old, drank a full glass of Bacardi and Coke by accident.
  8. Rhys was a national champion cross-country mountain biking.
  9. Eddie was once paid to entertain a lion.

“The day was fantastic. It was a fun-filled day that got everyone moving for Sport Relief.”

How many in the jar(s)?


We started with the aim to have one very large jar of sweets! Olivia counted them all beforehand and there were 182 sweets! Then, Howard made a correction to the sheet because it was technically inaccurate after adding one more jar! (We couldn’t find one big enough). Lindsay won this game. She guessed 184!!!! That’s only 2 sweets out.

The Warehouse and the Egg!

For this game, it was a bit like football cards. People had to guess which area of the warehouse the egg was in! It is safe to say this game raised a lot of money as we got down to the final three boxes and no one had yet guessed where the egg was hidden! So, Ian bought all of the last three boxes; knowing full well he would then win the egg.

Warehouse Cards

The sportier side of things

Lastly, our three other games included Putting, Basketball and Penny Drop! Putting was rather explanatory: we had cardboard boxes with three different doors cut out. Each door had a score and the aim was basically to putt as many golf balls as possible! We are still waiting for the putt-off between Ian and Steve as they are both drawing with 150 points! On the other hand, basketball was extremely competitive. Eddie and David competed until 5pm to try and beat each other. Both couldn’t get past nine baskets in one minute! This resulted in a shoot off and Eddie won. Also, Mark won Penny Drop as he dropped his penny closest to the inner target. Firstly, we filled a bucket with water and placed a target in the bottom. Then, we challenged everyone to drop their 10p directly in the inner circle.

“Basketball was extremely competitive. Eddie and David competed until 5pm to try and beat each other.”

A fantastic day

Overall, QED have enjoyed every second of fundraising for Sport Relief. We really like to be creative with our fundraising activities; making sure everyone is involved. Well done everyone at Quality Essential Distribution.

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