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Aiphone: the freedom to connect

Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 in Blog

Aiphone: the freedom to connect

Prior to this modern pandemic, we did not always consider the risk around our common everyday activities. Unfortunately, this has completely changed with COVID-19. In our day-to-day lives, we encounter many public environments and will need to utilise common high-touch surfaces, including doors, elevator buttons, ATMs, point-of-sale devices, and more. Our need to utilise these environments increases our exposure to germs. Regardless of the risks, we must continue to go about our daily routines, but there are many ways to mitigate our risks.

Utilising touch-free in schools

At schools, hundreds of people will utilise entryways for access, several times a day. All these people touching a single set of doors make for a disconcerting amount of possible exposure to germs and bacteria. By utilising touchless sensors for gesture-activated intercom calling, schools can reduce the risk of exposure to and the transfer of germs. In addition, this system ensures only approved individuals have access while limiting unnecessary contact.

Utilising touch-free in retail

At coffee shops, grocery stores, and other retail environments, we will encounter situations where germs can be transferred. To protect customers and employees alike, many businesses are installing glass partitions to protect everyone. While these partitions increase safety, they can reduce the ability to communicate easily, which is where a security ticket window intercom from Aiphone can help. This intercom provides crisp audio communication and avoids muffled sounds caused by glass partitions. Systems like this ensure all individuals are protected from exposure, while still being able to do their shopping and errands.


Utilising touch-free in healthcare

At the doctor’s office, it’s important that medical staff carefully monitor every patient that comes in for care. Facilities are utilizing systems like contactless intercom, thermal cameras, and glass partitions. These systems make it easier for staff to verify PPE, confirm patient body temperatures, and monitor more carefully who is allowed access. Moreover, these systems allow staff to communicate effectively, and provide the best care, all while remaining at a distance.

Utilising touch-free at home

At home, deliveries are becoming a more common way of life. Whether you are receiving a delivery from the pizza joint down the street, a package from a retail company, or expecting a visitor, answering the door and screening deliveries becomes much safer and easier with intercom and mobile app communication.

Choose Aiphone

No matter what the day brings, Aiphone intercoms, bring an added layer of protection to every moment. As life changes and we all continue to adapt to this new paradigm with COVID-19, we don’t have to sacrifice safety for connection. By using the tools and technology available, we can all enjoy the freedom to connect, while maintaining our quality of life!

Aiphone can help you maintain your freedom to connect.

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QED announce new partnership with Aiphone UK

Posted on Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 in Blog

Our new partnership with Aiphone

As our world develops, the need for better and more reliable building access and control will grow. Quality Essential Distribution and Aiphone UK’s new partnership highlights the demand by customers for a range of products to fulfil the need to minimise the risk of unauthorised access.

Covid-Secure Intercoms

Aiphone are able to provide a covid-secure intercom and entry systems for every environment. For example, the education sector introduced remote teaching earlier this year, however not all schools or households are able to provide distance education effectively. Hence the increase in the number of intercom systems being installed in schools before the new school year beings in September. This is just one of the measures many schools are taking to prepare safer environments for teachers, students and parents.  Property management and healthcare buildings are also investing in upgrading intercom and entry solutions.


Aiphone WAVE

Due to the demand from healthcare, education, residential and commercial sectors, Aiphone recently launched the Aiphone WAVE button to combat the current pandemic. These modules are designed to keep high hygiene and minimise contacts to surfaces and visitors simply WAVE towards the entrance panel and the sensor detects the motion to call the premises – complete touch-free communication is also possible with this system.

QED will now distribute Aiphone’s range of intercom and entry systems offering reliable solutions for the most diverse range of environments.

Adapting to the ever-changing world:

QED has recognised the needs of the security industry are changing and although traditional security products continue to be necessary, the priority has shifted. The manufacturer’s focus is on reviewing existing products and systems to help keep people and properties safe in the current climate and for the foreseeable future. We have already seen upgrades, new products being introduced or reintroduced. This is one reason Quality Essential Distribution is exploring new supplier partnerships and widening its product range; preparing to face market demands for now and the foreseeable future. Matt Philp, QED’s Product Development Director said:

This partnership has been driven by the need to add more flexibility with our product range to support our partners working on keeping the general public safe. We must face how different this new world has become. It is a pleasure to work with Aiphone, whose range of products fill a gap in the marketplace.

Harvey Williams, Aiphone’s General Sales Manager said:

For more than 70 years Aiphone has been at the forefront of technological development: offering solutions packed with innovative features, many unique to Aiphone. We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Quality Essential Distribution whose values and culture of delivering the highest quality products to customers on time and to the right specification to make their life as easy as possible matches our own.


The NEW Aiphone WAVE

Posted on Tuesday, July 28th, 2020 in Blog

Wave hello to our new partnership and the new Aiphone WAVE

Reduce exposure to germs in high-touch areas. Introducing Aiphone’s touchless sensor for gesture-activated calling.

Everyone’s priority due to the current pandemic is to diminish contact with high-touch surfaces. Therefore, the WAVE’s touchless sensor provides a means to do just that, but with the added reliability you’ve come to expect from Aiphone.

Compatible with the IX Series door stations, it’s easy to add to new or existing installations. It’s a contactless way for visitors, vendors, and employees to initiate a call and reduces the spread of germs and bacteria; with a 10cm detection zone to help avoid unwanted activations.

Simple Sensor Lowers Risk

When security communication is required – and lowering the spread of bacteria is critical – this is the product to solve for both needs. The IX Series system’s crisp audio and clear video still screens visitors, but now, there’s the option to call with the simple wave of a hand.

Perfect for any high-traffic entrances

Combine the touchless sensor with IX Series standard door stations for a reliable method to call inside without touching the exterior intercom.

Reduce spreading germs in high-volume, high-traffic applications:

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