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IndigoVision security surveillance for universities: University of Dundee

Posted on Wednesday, August 19th, 2020 in Blog

Needing to keep over 17,000 students safe, the University of Dundee decided to go with the IndigoVision solution supplied by Authorised Partner Scottish Communications. Wondering if your current security surveillance system is fit-for-purpose?

We are a campus that is about 72 buildings. We’ve got close to 17,000 students and about 3,000 staff members. The other part to that is that we are very centrally located downtown urban university, and of course that being said, we also don’t have a wall around the university.

IndigoVision allows us to spend our time and our resources helping people. The video intercom assistance points that we have that are integrated with IndigoVision through Control Center, they are rolled out strategically around campus, and when somebody activates that button it automatically activates a two-way video intercom. But sadly, that video intercom is about this big and it doesn’t give us a very good overall picture. So, by tying them into IndigoVision we are able to create a trigger to activate the closest PTZ camera that would turn and zoom in on the big picture view of what’s going on.

We may have 300 cameras but we only have six people on staff, but having one person who mans the Control Center means he can sit here and watch 36 cameras kind of at the same time. So instead of needing 36 people, we have 36 cameras and one person who’s monitoring them.

Campus Security, Adam speaking.

Control Center ties everything together. So, you can have an access control software, you can have a CCTV software, you can have a million-in-one different software’s, but if you have to flip between five or six of them all you’re doing is wasting time, especially in a critical incident response. You want everything as streamlined as possible, and for us, it’s that Control Center that has been that ribbon that has tied them all together. We want our officers out doing 101 other things, not sitting at a desk trying to figure out how to work a software.

The fact that the IndigoVision Control Center platform is so easy to use and it’s very easy to learn and it’s quite intuitive, means that my officers don’t have to waste time. We have all the cameras build onto a map as little icons, so as an incident moves through campus, instead of trying to scroll through a hundred cameras on a list, our officers can just click the next camera on a route and follow an incident as they move through our campus. When incidents happen, seconds count.

We’ve had an excellent partnership with the University of Dundee for over five years now. University of Dundee have vision in where they want to be in three years’ time, in five years’ time and in ten years’ time. And they share that vision with us, and they share their operational requirements from now and for the future.

IndigoVision is very responsive, they stand behind their product, but beyond that, they’re willing to work with you to make sure that your system is absolutely fit for purpose, and that’s a key thing when you’re looking for a partner.

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PSI Magazine: Almost 7 out of 10 cameras need updating

Posted on Thursday, December 19th, 2019 in Blog

PSI Magazine December Article: Almost 7 out of 10 cameras need updating

Outdated camera firmware, and failing to change default passwords present some of the biggest weaknesses in cybersecurity defence says a new report. As the number of interconnected security devices keeps on growing, keeping pace with the latest updates can be tricky and very time-consuming.

According to new research conducted by Genetec as many as 68.4%, or almost 7 out of 10, cameras are currently running out of date firmware.

Installing the latest firmware is not just about accessing new features, warns Genetec, it ensures the latest cybersecurity protection measures are implemented as soon as they become available, a crucial step in ensuring an organisation’s resilience against cyber-attacks.

“Our primary research data points to the fact that more than half of the cameras with out of date firmware (53.9%) contain known cyber security vulnerabilities. By extrapolating this to an average security network, nearly four out of every ten cameras are vulnerable to a cyber-attack,” said Mathieu Chevalier, Lead Security Architect at Genetec.

The research also showed that nearly 1 in 4 organisations (23%) fail to use unique passwords, relying instead on the same password across all cameras from the same manufacturer, leaving an easy point of entry for hackers once only one camera has been compromised.

Until recently, IP cameras came with default security settings, including admin login information that is often publicly available on the manufacturers’ websites. While most camera manufacturers now request users to set up a new password and admin credentials at installation, businesses, cities and government organisations with older equipment never updated their passwords, potentially compromising the other critical data and systems that reside on their network.

“Unfortunately, our research shows that the “set it and forget it” mentality remains prevalent – putting an entire organisation’s security and people’s privacy at risk. All it takes is one camera with obsolete firmware or a default password to create a foothold for an attacker to compromise the whole network,” added Chevalier. “It is critical that organisations should be as proactive in the update of their physical security systems as they are in updating their IT networks.”

The research was conducted on a sample of 44,763 cameras connected to systems that are part of the Genetec opt-in product improvement programme.

This article was taken from PSI Magazine, written by Andy Clutton on 5 December 2019.

IndigoVision Control Centre. Trusted since 1994.

Posted on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 in Blog

IndigoVision Control Centre

More Flexible. More Choice. More Secure.

IndigoVision Control Centre is powered by a unique Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) technology. DNA enables devices to communicate with each other directly and also removes the need for management servers. With DNA you get no single point of failure, the ability to add any number of devices to your installation, and reduced infrastructure costs; as well as a security system that’s incredibly network friendly.

Furthermore, Control Centre is packed with over 250 features, including Smart Tabs, Pursuit Mode, Map-based Monitoring and Real Time Alarm Tracking.

Staying safe means always staying in control.

IndigoVision Control Centre is a fully integrated user interface for managing video, access control and alarms. It puts everything at your fingertips. Being easy to install and intuitive to operate, Control Centre video management software also gives you vision, as well as sound and oversight of all cameras, from 1 to 10,000.


See everything, hear everything, track everything.

Map-based Monitoring lets you navigate across cameras, whilst Pursuit Mode allows you to instantly follow any target from one camera to the next. Additionally, you can respond to any event with fast forensic search, now including Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam.

Is your business expanding? IndigoVision Control Centre expands with it.

Unrestricted licensing allows unlimited installations, cameras or screens. Add cameras and consoles where you need them.

IndigoVision Distributed Network Architecture

No single point of failure.

The unique Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) removes the need for a central server. Therefore, there’s no single point of failure, greater resilience, dramatically reduced latency and no network bottlenecks.

IndigoVision’s Control Centre is used in over 15,000 sites worldwide. From airports to police forces to casinos to warehouses to neighbourhoods or whole cities; we’re a Security Manager’s best back-up. We want you to feel more than just happy and confident when you choose IndigoVision.

We want you to feel safe.

Uniview Laboratory Research and Development

Posted on Monday, September 9th, 2019 in Blog

Robust Testing in the Uniview Laboratory

Uniview is one of the world’s leading IP surveillance manufacturers and is one of the top 6 providers of IP security solutions globally, operating in over 145 countries. Their feature-rich and well constructed security products are available at costs to suit all budgets.

They have an impressive laboratory with over 2,000 people dedicated to research and development (R&D). Uniview continuously quality test all products in the Laboratory to create products that are tough enough to conquer every type of environment and is smart enough to adapt to complicated lighting situations.

Uniview pioneered innovative technologies through robust quality testing with 15% of their revenue constantly invested back in to R&D, it goes to show Uniview always push the edge of high quality and are at the forefront of IP innovation.  Each product is meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted until it withholds Uniview’s industry-leading quality standards. For example, during the hardware development process, the products endure multiple stages of robust testing to guarantee quality in the product lifetime such as:

This high quality testing is proven with less than 1% failure rate worldwide, ensuring you get continuous security surveillance and continuous surveillance protection of your business and your people. And more importantly it saves the businesses and installers time and money through unparalleled video surveillance without any failure related call outs.

Watch the video of the Uniview Laboratory

Uniview’s Components Analysis Laboratory provides reliability tests on optical, mechanical and electrical components. It selects the highest quality components to ensure the quality of products.

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