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Introducing IndigoKiosk AI

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 in Blog

Get your business back on track by creating a safe and healthy environment for your customers.

The IndigoKiosk AI helps you manage how many people are in your building so you can ensure social distancing and the correct use of PPE.


Ensure Social Distancing

Following government guidelines and maintaining appropriate social distancing is essential in combatting COVID-19. IndigoKiosk AI helps you create healthy environments for your visitors by using people counting technology, combined with artificial intelligence, to track entrances and exits from your establishment to ensure you are always at optimum levels for social distancing. IndigoKiosk AI is an automated system which gives your skilled staff more time to concentrate on customer purchases rather than traffic management. At the entrance to your business a screen will display the number of people in your venue, plus maximum capacity, and inform visitors if they are free to enter.

Ensure the use of face masks to create a safer environment

Encouraging people to re-start their regular activities is all about giving them the confidence in their surroundings and the proper use of face masks has been proven as an effective method for limiting infection rates. IndigoKiosk AI delivers this valuable layer of protection by monitoring people entering your venue and detecting the ones not wearing a face mask. Visitors not wearing a mask are automatically advised to wear one before proceeding, with alarms enabling you to respond immediately to non-compliance.

IndigoKiosk AI has been designed to support public health guidelines on the use of PPE and help prevent a second spike which would create further challenges for businesses.


Stand Alone or Multiple Entrances and Exits

The system can stand alone with one camera and PC in one location. Alternatively, it can be installed across multiple entrance and exit points. This allows for better use of your buildings exits for one way systems to be linked correctly.

Key Benefits:

This solution can help you bring back visitors by giving them confidence:

IndigoKiosk AI gives you all the essential components for creating safe and healthy environments:

You can also track activity into your venue and PPE compliance using the system’s in-built reporting functionality. You can utilise existing monitors or we can quote you for a new monitor and relevant bracketry.

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements and to find out the price for this exceptional package.

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