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Luminite introduce new OCULi features

Posted on Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 in Blog

Luminite announce a range of new features for the OCULi wireless PIR camera.

The current COVID-19 crisis highlights the need for visual verification equipment standing in for security personnel; and passively protecting sites. In turn, this has sparked a great amount of interest in OCULi. The standalone OCULi unit is a powerful PIR detector featuring a built-in camera, that will only send notifications upon a detection event; thus, eliminating the need for constant monitoring.

OCULi is fully wireless and battery-operated, making it perfect for protecting vulnerable areas such as vacant properties and construction sites where you cannot install CCTV due to wiring and power limitations.

Luminite OCULi solar kit


Updated Power Supply

The most critical new feature is the updated power supply. This new feature uses batteries in series; therefore, extending battery life and supporting rechargeable lithium batteries to use in conjunction with solar panels.

When using rechargeable batteries and a solar panel, you can leave OCULi’s modem online for users to view live images via the mobile app or web portal. The unit recognises changes to the arming schedule immediately and reduced time in server image uploads means it only takes three seconds (typically).

Speaker Updates

When using OCULi with a speaker, events automatically trigger and air a bespoke message once the video finishes recording. The user can record the message and write it onto the SD card.

SIM Changes

Furthermore, Luminite has now simplified SIM activation and their non-network specific UK SIMs make use of EE network coverage.

“OCULi is designed to offer the end user a host of functions without power. The updates our team have been developing around power supply and the use of solar energy makes OCULi a compelling option for installers to offer certain sectors of the market, where traditional security devices cannot be used due to power constraints.” –  Graham Creek, Managing Director at Luminite.

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The Top 10 Reasons to buy OCULi

Posted on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 in Blog


  1. OCULi is completely wireless – it requires no cabling, WiFi or alarm panel. Simply insert batteries, activate the SIM and you are ready to receive images.
  2. This makes OCULi highly cost effective as there is no other equipment to purchase or installation costs to consider.
  3. The video of the event starts filming within 500 milliseconds of detection and uploads to the portal over 3G within seconds.
  4. OCULi is supported by a unique user friendly portal. This allows users to self monitor sites without having to use a monitoring service. As well as viewing events, users can change the arming schedule, adjust sensitivity settings, assign a hierarchy of users and check battery and data usage amongst a host of other functions.
  5. The free mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Video images are received by PUSH notification within seconds of detection, aiding a rapid response.
  6. Improved SIM packages mean there is a tariff for everyone. You can even use your own SIM (cloud server fee applies)
  7. Adding a speaker for voice challenge is quick and easy. The speaker is already supplied with connectors for the OCULi unit and enabling voice on SIMs is a simple process.
  8. Images are captured at full VGA (640 x 480) – four times greater resolution than the closest competitor to OCULi.
  9. A unique time-lapse feature enables users to see a snapshot of the detection zone every hour to show a 24 hour timeline of the site.
  10. If users are using a monitoring service, OCULi integrates with both IMMIX and SENTINEL software platforms.

Have you taken advantage of the extra 10% off the OCULi Wireless PIR Camera? The offer is available until Monday 14th October – so make the most of it whilst it’s around!

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Luminite OCULi


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Wireless Innovations for Construction Site Security and Critical Alert

Posted on Thursday, August 29th, 2019 in Blog

oculi wireless camera

Did you know, theft of construction equipment and machinery costs the construction industry over £800 million a year? Most sites have restricted power supply; therefore making the installation of a full CCTV system impossible.

The OCULi Wireless PIR Camera

OCULi wireless PIR cameras work with security guards to alert them of an event via PUSH notifications to their mobile phone. Superior VGA 640 x 480 colour video starts filming in just a few milliseconds after detection. Therefore, guards can decide on the required response. Improved monochrome night-time clarity is achieved using powerful IR LED lighting.

Two lithium D cells power the OCULi units, with an average life span of around 9-12 months. They are supplied with a non-network specific, EU roaming SIM. Tariffs start at £5.00 per month. Also, you can use your own SIM if required (cloud server fee applies).

Furthermore, OCULi units can be self-monitored or integrated with monitoring centres using the Immix, Sentinel or Webeye platforms.

The NEXUS Lockdown Systemnexus lockdown

HSE Fire Safety guidelines (HSG168) require construction sites to have a VISUAL and AUDIBLE alert to fire.

Nexus battery operated units can be quickly installed on a construction site whilst building is in progress and can be deployed as the site evolves.

Activating one NEXUS unit triggers all units within range to sound an audible alert / announcement along with a flashing beacon.

You can site the units 1km apart and external units are weatherproof to IP66.

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