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Uniview Laboratory Research and Development

Posted on Monday, September 9th, 2019 in Blog

Robust Testing in the Uniview Laboratory

Uniview is one of the world’s leading IP surveillance manufacturers and is one of the top 6 providers of IP security solutions globally, operating in over 145 countries. Their feature-rich and well constructed security products are available at costs to suit all budgets.

They have an impressive laboratory with over 2,000 people dedicated to research and development (R&D). Uniview continuously quality test all products in the Laboratory to create products that are tough enough to conquer every type of environment and is smart enough to adapt to complicated lighting situations.

Uniview pioneered innovative technologies through robust quality testing with 15% of their revenue constantly invested back in to R&D, it goes to show Uniview always push the edge of high quality and are at the forefront of IP innovation.  Each product is meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted until it withholds Uniview’s industry-leading quality standards. For example, during the hardware development process, the products endure multiple stages of robust testing to guarantee quality in the product lifetime such as:

This high quality testing is proven with less than 1% failure rate worldwide, ensuring you get continuous security surveillance and continuous surveillance protection of your business and your people. And more importantly it saves the businesses and installers time and money through unparalleled video surveillance without any failure related call outs.

Watch the video of the Uniview Laboratory

Uniview’s Components Analysis Laboratory provides reliability tests on optical, mechanical and electrical components. It selects the highest quality components to ensure the quality of products.

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