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Tenda Network Switches for 24/7 Security Surveillance

Posted on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 in Blog

Prevent crime with CCTV

People widely use CCTV cameras in a variety of circumstances such as retail parks, hotels and businesses to monitor activities taking place. Installing CCTV cameras systems in streets, shops and other public places is on the increase and statistics prove that CCTV surveillance systems are one of the most effective solutions to decreasing crime in these types of areas.  In addition, they are extremely useful as evidence in court cases.

The existence of CCTV systems makes a would-be criminal think twice before committing a crime. With the rapid increase of breaking and entering, it’s more important than ever to consider the best security options for you.  It’s very important to also ensure you choose the right network switch for the surveillance system.

Why choose Tenda?

Tenda offers one of the best network switches, which has been specifically developed for CCTV surveillance.

For example, the TEG1016D 16 port switch has:

You also don’t have to worry about weather conditions. Tenda’s network switches have professional integrated lightning protection circuits which enables all the 16 ports to provide IV-class (6 kV in common mode) lightning protection. This effectively decreases the damage rate to the ports due to any potential lightning surge. You will never feel unprotected as the built-in power supply module is designed with enhanced lightning protection. Furthermore, this can withstand 6 kV lightning surge, which is 3 times higher than any other ordinary switch.

A reliable CCTV surveillance system is a vital part of any business. If the security of business premises is your number one priority, then Tenda’s network switches are the right solution for your concerns.

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