Energy 2017: QED launch their new product

QED will be exhibiting at Energy 2017 at the NEC on the 10-12th October. You can register for your free ticket here. We will be launching our new energy system at Stand E712. This exciting launch being an Energy Vault unit with the ability to charge, store and distribute continuous electricity for your business. Powering security, retail, industrial and office spaces with countless applications.




Worrying Demand on the Grid

In recent news, Executive Director of National Grid, Nicola Shaw, said “we are at a moment of real change in the energy industry,” due to the high demand on the Grid at peak times. The Government are searching for new ways to reduce this strain through the implementation of new rules. These new rules will make generating electricity through solar panels far easier, which people can store in batteries and then sell to the National Grid to make profit. Alternate methods such as briefly turning off some domestic, electrical devices (such as freezers) may also help balance demand.

So, where will all of this electricity come from?

At this year’s Energy Show, QED will be launching their solution to the worrying demand for electricity. Electric Vehicles are evidently also on the rise too. Volvo has stated all new vehicles will be electric or hybrid from 2019. Meanwhile, France pledge to stop selling new petrol or diesel cars by 2040. This includes French car manufacturers such as Peugeot, Citroën and Renault. Plug-in cars could reach 9 million by 2030: a dramatic jump from the current 90,000 on Britain’s roads. (You can read more about this issue here). We simply wonder where all this electricity will come from. What if people only charge their vehicles at peak hours when they’re home from work? Demand on the Grid could be so high that fluctuations and surges could become a regular thing; thus, becoming an increasingly uncertain electricity source.




Our biggest concern is that you will never know the consequences of an unreliable electricity source, until it happens to you. Imagine the impact on a business that is unable to process credit card payments. How about a telephone system that nobody could answer? Or no lighting to show off your products? We believe with EV, this could all be a problem of the past.

Energy Vault Solution

EV is the continuous off-grid electricity supply, providing you with the confidence and control required for your business to run smoothly. The device can save you up to 80% on your current electrical usage, reduce your carbon footprint and contribute towards improving the planet for future generations. Forget a UPS, as an EV eliminates the need for one! The device becomes your primary source of electricity that is rechargeable at the most efficient time for your business requirements. Why not take advantage of the best electricity tariffs? EV has a 5-hour recharging time, which boosts the lithium-ion batteries during the night at the cheapest rates. Remove your reliance on potentially disruptive electrical supplies, and protect your business from power failures, spikes and surges.

Ring QED today on 01772 336 111 for more information about the Energy Vault.

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