Energy Vault Solution: Don’t be the Victim of Power Failure

Thursday, January 11th, 2018 in Blog

Bad Weather and Power Outages: Could your business be next?

Eleanor took 2018 by storm in the UK with violent 100mph winds, travel chaos, power loss and major transport disruptions. According to The Telegraph’s most recent article, several major bridges were closed due to high winds. Fallen trees blocked some roads (including the M25), overturned vehicles forced motorway closures and transport routes were also disrupted after two fly-away trampolines landed on train tracks in Buckinghamshire. What if we told you there was a way to keep your business running during storms such as Eleanor? And not just a standard UPS, but a unit that provides business continuity throughout the day… rather than just during the power outage.

We cannot ignore the potentiality of severe power loss

You will never know the consequences of an unreliable electricity source, until it happens to you. Sometimes, it is beyond our control. Take Storm Eleanor as an example. There is nothing you can do to prevent power loss in that situation. However, during bad weather, even the most reliable of electricity sources (like the National Grid) could experience surges and fluctuations. Our Energy Vault solution removes your reliance on electricity supplies that could potentially be disruptive during severe weather. Therefore, EV protects your business from power failures, spikes and surges by distributing its own source of energy, completely off-grid.

energy vault solution

The Energy Vault Solution

The Energy Vault Solution is the answer to unreliable electricity sources and unexpected power loss. You only need to look back at when British Airways experienced catastrophic power failure that caused physical damage to the servers in the data centre. Experts predicted that BA faced a bill of up to £100m in compensation costs. This included accommodation, hotel transportation, meals and phone calls.

The Energy Vault, also known as EV, is a continuous off-grid electricity supply. The device provides you with confidence in the future of your company. How does it do this? Well, the EV offers you continuity of business through its ability to charge through the Grid or renewable energy sources, store the energy and then distribute it accordingly for approximately 19 hours off-grid. QED’s own tests have proven that the EV can run 96 cameras for 19 hours; then fully charge back to 100% capacity within 5 hours. The 5-hour recharging time allows you to take advantage of the best electricity tariffs within the 12am-7am off-peak time slot. Then, the EV is ready to distribute all of that stored energy to your business-critical devices throughout the day. All whilst requiring 60% less rack space and no maintenance requirements.

Don’t let your business be the victim of power failure. Call QED today on 01772 336111.

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