QED’s new EV product sparks interest with local MP

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 in Blog

Local Ribble Valley MP and QED’s EV

Amidst the launch of their new power storage unit, QED’s EV has sparked interest with local Ribble Valley MP, Nigel Evans. As a resident of the district for 26 years, Mr. Evans commits to supporting local businesses and fighting for local public services.

Recently, Mr. Evans hosted his 26th Annual Summer Surgery between Monday 25th – Saturday 30th September, in which QED attended. They discussed with him their new and innovative power storage device which can reduce electricity consumption by 100% when combined with solar or renewables. Not only did the product itself spark great interest with the Ribble Valley MP, but he also demonstrated great enthusiasm towards its potential. Mr. Evans’ eagerness to learn more about the EV could link to the fact that in recent news, he was delighted by the Government’s decision to invest £246 million to develop battery technology; evidently in support of renewable energy solutions and a greener country.


Left to Right: Matt Philp (QED Product Development Director), Tracy Mina (QED EV Project Support), Nigel Evans (Ribble Valley MP)

Whilst outlining the importance of making the UK a world leader in battery technology, Evans stated that “the role of batteries in a low-carbon economy is absolutely imperative, whether it be in the use of automobiles, household electronics or on an industrial scale.”

So, what is the EV? And how is it beneficial?

The EV is an energy-efficient battery storage system that allows you to charge, store and distribute electricity over PoE. The system reduces your electricity consumption up to 100% when used with Solar or Renewables; and up to 66% against other storage systems. This revolutionary product enables the flexibility of PoE Distribution for both PoE devices and everyday electronic devices such as tills, credit card machines, lighting, PC’s and CCTV Equipment. In other words, any items powered by a DC supply.


Read more about EV:

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