Luminite announce a range of new features for the OCULi wireless PIR camera.

The current COVID-19 crisis highlights the need for visual verification equipment standing in for security personnel; and passively protecting sites. In turn, this has sparked a great amount of interest in OCULi. The standalone OCULi unit is a powerful PIR detector featuring a built-in camera, that will only send notifications upon a detection event; thus, eliminating the need for constant monitoring.

OCULi is fully wireless and battery-operated, making it perfect for protecting vulnerable areas such as vacant properties and construction sites where you cannot install CCTV due to wiring and power limitations.

Luminite OCULi solar kit


Updated Power Supply

The most critical new feature is the updated power supply. This new feature uses batteries in series; therefore, extending battery life and supporting rechargeable lithium batteries to use in conjunction with solar panels.

When using rechargeable batteries and a solar panel, you can leave OCULi’s modem online for users to view live images via the mobile app or web portal. The unit recognises changes to the arming schedule immediately and reduced time in server image uploads means it only takes three seconds (typically).

Speaker Updates

When using OCULi with a speaker, events automatically trigger and air a bespoke message once the video finishes recording. The user can record the message and write it onto the SD card.

SIM Changes

Furthermore, Luminite has now simplified SIM activation and their non-network specific UK SIMs make use of EE network coverage.

“OCULi is designed to offer the end user a host of functions without power. The updates our team have been developing around power supply and the use of solar energy makes OCULi a compelling option for installers to offer certain sectors of the market, where traditional security devices cannot be used due to power constraints.” –  Graham Creek, Managing Director at Luminite.

For more information, contact us on 01772 336111.

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