Luminite Oculi Wireless PIR Camera 15m 3G IR Grey


Luminite Oculi Wireless PIR Camera 15m 3G IR Grey


OCULi is a product range of battery powered wireless PIR motion sensors which have integrated colour/monochrome cameras and infrared illuminators. These products provide rapid video verification of an alarm event using the mobile phone network.

Additional features and improvements now available for the OCULi wireless PIR camera: 

  • SMS alerts via TWILIO
  • Online calculator for battery and data usage
  • Improved night-time clarity
  • You Tube video available showing how to get the most from your OCULi unit using our unique web portal.

NEW July 2020 - Updated Power Supply (Solar Panel go to product number 805-0085 for detailed information)

When using rechargeable batteries and a solar panel, OCULi’s modem can be left online which allows users to view live images via the mobile app or web portal. Changes to the arming schedule can be recognized immediately by the unit and image uploads to the server have been reduced to three seconds (typically).

OCULi – Unique Features

No other equipment such as a base station or alarm panel is required. The local wireless communication to the base station can be compromised – this is the weak point in other systems – if this fails, the whole system fails.

Each OCULi uses one SIM per unit delivering over the 3G mobile phone network ensuring there is no ‘queueing’ to deliver video alerts.

The OCULi web portal has been developed as a fully functioning self-monitoring tool. A host of functions can be configured via the portal including arm and dis-arm, programmable scheduling of a site, sensitivity settings, and, of course the viewing of all events.

With regards to video resolution, OCULi uses full VGA (640 x 480) whilst most others use QVGA (320 x 240)

The Timeline® feature is unique to OCULi. A snapshot of the detection zone can be taken at regular intervals, normally one per hour, and the images stitched together to give an overview of the site. This facility serves two purposes – it acts as an extra level of surveillance and is a quick and easy check that the unit is operating correctly.

Audio challenge is a unique feature that allows the operator to make a two way voice call with the OCULi immediately after detection. (A separate speaker is required for this feature)

The mobile app uses Bluetooth® technology to aid with site set up using the walk test facility. Users can also arm and dis-arm a site using the app.

Accessories such as lighting and electric gates etc. can be remotely controlled using the Bluetooth feature.

Data can be aggregated across a site.

OCULi works off 2 high capacity Lithium D cells – each unit is fitted with a super capacitor to aid battery life.

Luminite have developed a unique battery / data usage calculator to aid customers in choosing which features they wish to enable as some will have an effect on battery life and data.

OCULi is fitted with QUAD pyro sensors with AND gating to ensure superior PIR detection.

OCULi units have Boot Loader technology meaning that any software updates are readily and automatically available to the end user when the unit next has a heartbeat.

OCULi offers FULL tamper protection including cloak, 3 axis inertia and enclosure tampers.

The camera field of view is 135°, deliberately wider than the detection field of view to ensure that the unit is ready to capture footage as soon as the PIR is activated.

OCULi has an IP66 weatherproof rating, higher than IP65.

OCULi is designed and manufactured in the UK.

  • Power requirements: 2 x Lithium ER34615M cells (supplied)
  • External input voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Mobile data: 3G network to dedicated cloud server
  • Local wireless network: Long Range Bluetooth®
  • Battery life (estimated): 1 year + (dependent on usage)
  • Micro SD card specification: 8gb (supplied)
  • SIM card specification: Micro SIM
  • Weight: 850g
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
  • Mounting height: 2.5 - 4 metres
  • Weather rating: IP66
  • Warranty: 2 years

Detector Information

  • Motion detector type: Passive infrared
  • Sensor type: Quad pyro
  • Lens type: Fresnal
  • Detection range: 15m x 90°

Camera Information

  • Camera sensitivity: 6 volts per lux per second
  • Camera resolution: 640x480 VGA Colour/Monochrome
  • Camera lens: Wide angle 135°
  • Video sequence: 2 frames per second over 7 seconds (configurable)

Lighting Information

  • IR LED: IR frequency 850mm
  • IR Power: 1 amp
  • IR Distance: 15m

Sample Data Usage

Incidents per week101025255050100100
Battery Life (Months) 25 41 17 24 12 15 7 8
Monthly Data Usage (Mb) 26 9 39 21 60 42 100 84
View File810-0102 Datasheet.    Size: (720.74 KB)
View FileOculi Installation    Size: (2.72 MB)

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