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How to Register for an account

1/ Click "Create Account"

At the top right of the website, you will see a purple button “CREATE ACCOUNT”. Click this to get started – creating an account is FREE!
Or you can simpy

2/ Enter in your details

Enter in all the relevant details.
Mandatory fields are marked with an asterix (*).

3/ Save and Continue Later

At any point in filling out the form, you can click the “Save and Continue later” button. This will allow you to save your progress and pick up where you left off.

4/ Account Creation

Once you have completed and submitted your firm, QED will review your application and create an account for you.
Once your account is ready, we will automatically build you an online portal, you will receive an email containing your username and password.

Login to your account


You can login from anywhere on the website. Simply click the “login” button at the top right of the website

Forgot your Password?

Forgot your password?

From the login screen you can click “Lost your password”.
This will trigger the re-set process, where you can enter your email address or username to retrieve a new password.

Using our shop (Tips and tricks)

Mega Menus

You can navigate your way around our site, using our extensive menu structure. Everything is filed away neatly, so you can quickly find what you require.

Intelligent Search Module

The fastest way to find a product is via our superfast search function.
Simply start typing 3 characters and our search engine will return results instantly.

£GBP and €EUR Pricing

Multicurrency Pricing

If you would like to view prices in £GBP or €EUR, simply click the sticky label on the far right of the screen. All prices will be displayed in the currency you select. We update the exchange rate automatically every day.

Shopping Basket


You can view your quick-basket from every page on the website. Simply click the cart icon at the top right of the screen to trigger this.

Main basket

From the quick-basket, if you click “View Basket” you will see a full comprehensive breakdown of your items. From here we also show related products which may be useful for you.

Account Management Tools

Company Dashboard

From the main menu, hovering over your username will bring up a menu, where you can select “Company Dashboard”.
From here you can self-manage several intelligent account tools.

User Management

Two levels of accounts exist: Admin and User.
Admins can view all users within their company.
Admins can assign special permissions to employees with a ‘user’ role.

Edit user details

From the “Company Users” page, if you wish to edit a user, you can click the ‘pen’ icon of a user. Admins can only edit Users (they cannot edit fellow Admins).
This will allow an Admin to change the users name, email, password, company role (admin or user) and also the ability to deactivate their account.

Edit user permissions

Clicking the slider toggles on “Company Users” page, allows an admin to change the permissions of a User.
You can enable “Share a basket”. This allows a user to add products to a basket and share this with an Admin.
You can enable “Restrict to basket only”. This prevents the user from being able to checkout. This feature is often used in conjunction with ‘share basket’ – so a user can build a basket and share it with an Admin to fulfil the purchase.
You can enable “Proceed to checkout only”. This is handy for purchasing/accounts departments, where they can process a basket that has been shared with them. They wont have permission to edit the basket or it’s items – they can purely purchase only.

Add New User

From the Company Dashboard, Admins can request a new sub-user.

View Company Orders

From the Company Orders section, users can view all previous company orders (currently the past 6 months – we are increasing this shortly).

You can filter orders by date and users.



View individual Company Orders

Clicking on the ‘eye’ icon will allow you to view the full order

Request Proof of Delivery

Click the paper icon on an order to request a proof of delivery note.

Request a Report

From this section, users can request a report, such as a 12 month statement.

Edit Addresses

Users can edit their Billing & Shipping address from their account, as well as add additional Shipping addresses.

Thanks for reading

If you have any further questions, or suggestions for improvement, please let us know.

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