IFSEC 2018: QED demo the Energy Vault Range

Although we’re a bit late to the party, QED will be exhibiting at IFSEC 2018 at the ExCeL London on the 19th-21st June. You can register for your free ticket here. We will be demonstrating our Energy Vault and EV Mini at Stand B155. This demo will show how our device can charge, store and distribute continuous electricity for your business.

What is the Energy Vault?

Energy Vault

The Energy Vault is a battery storage system and distribution solution. The device charges through the National Grid or alternatively, renewable energy sources. The EV then stores this energy to distribute out to your chosen devices. The EV control box consists of RJ45 ports where Cat5 cable is attached and distributes energy to the PoE devices. The system can power any PoE device from 1.5v-48v DC. Non-PoE devices can still be run from the system, they just require a PoE splitter to do so.

This product eliminates energy inefficiencies due to its ‘DC infrastructure’. What this means is that it removes the costly AC to DC conversion process. So, DC power from renewables or mains is stored for immediate output. This solution is ideal for businesses seeking reliable energy sources, as well as those who simply want to reduce their energy usage.

Launching the EV Mini at IFSEC 2018

EV Mini

You hear a lot about the Energy Vault (EV) recently. Well now we have the EV Mini: a fully off-grid solar system with the ability to run up to 4 devices from 1.5v to 60v. The device is perfect for anywhere that energy solutions are either too difficult or too costly to deploy. EV Mini is a miniature EV that is entirely off-grid, unlike the standard EV which charges and operates through AC mains. This system gives devices power directly and only charges through renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the original Energy Vault’s 4.8kw battery bank weighs 59kg. Whereas the EV Mini weighs 14.5kg. This makes the system far more compact and portable. It is suitable for difficult locations and external applications, especially with IP65 rated housing for outdoor monitoring.

Mega Vault

Mega Vault

The Mega Vault incorporates a large number of low voltage battery banks based on Lithium-iron Phosphate batteries. The Mega Vault is a container based ‘plug and power’ low voltage energy storage & grid-tie inverter. The system also offers reliable high-performance power conversion for utility-scale grid-connected battery applications.

Available in 250kWh, 500kWh or 1MWh storage sizes.

Come and see us at Stand B155!

Here’s some more info on what to expect at IFSEC 2018:


IFSEC 2018

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