Tackling Spiders in the home and on CCTV


Tackling Spiders in the home and on CCTV Spiders are thriving at the moment in the mild weather according to the BBC. But how can you get rid of them? They are currently looking for shelter and preparing to find a mate and find somewhere warm to stay for the winter months. How to get […]

SpiderEx Spray: everything you need to know

spiderex spray remove from cctv

Remove spiders from your CCTV cameras. Stop false alarm triggers with SpiderEx. If you are the owner of a CCTV system, or an engineer on call-out for an alarm trigger, then you know the nightmare that is spiders nesting over CCTV cameras. Whether you’re wasting personal time trying to bat the critters away, or you’re […]

Be Prepared for Spider Season with SpiderEx


SpiderEx Spray – A CCTV Camera’s Best Friend. SpiderEx works to keep spiders and other creepy-crawlies away from CCTV cameras. The product saves you time and money on call-outs, as it prevents frequent issues with false alarm triggers. SpiderEx also is a handy domestic helper, as people begin to use the product within their homes […]