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Tackling Spiders in the home and on CCTV

Posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 in Blog

Tackling Spiders in the home and on CCTV

Spiders are thriving at the moment in the mild weather according to the BBC. But how can you get rid of them? They are currently looking for shelter and preparing to find a mate and find somewhere warm to stay for the winter months.

How to get rid of Spiders:

It’s peak spider season in early autumn and the best way to control them is to limit their food source according to Rentokil experts.

Here are some of the most common ways to get rid of the pesky critters!


You can spray an insecticide externally around windows and doors as well as inside walls and ceilings concentrating on the wall/floor and wall/ceiling junctions.

To prevent spiders nesting in CCTV cameras spray around the camera base which will then act as a barrier and repelling spiders from crossing and nesting in and around the camera.  This will also prevent false alarms from occurring which is one of the most common reasons for false alarms at this time of year.

Why SpiderEx?

spiderex spray review

Most insecticide sprays don’t last long and the difference with SpiderEx is that it is a lacquer and it stays on the surface area for a few months. It doesn’t leave a sticky or coloured film or mark, it’s a clear formula that is hard to see.

Other methods include:

Spider traps: catch and control light spider infestations.

Declutter your home: spiders will have fewer places to hide if you keep clutter to a minimum. Also, make sure you clean surfaces and vacuum often as bits of food may attract other insects, which could in turn attract spiders.

Keep windows closed: spiders tend to enter houses at night as they aim to look for a warm place once the sun sets to find food and mating opportunities. Closing your windows at night may help to keep them away.

Natural deterrents: spiders detest the smell of citrus fruits, so you could place slices of lemon or lime across your windowsills and doors as a natural bug repellent. You could also use other essential oils such as peppermint, cinnamon or tea tree oil to keep the spiders away. Alternatively, a water and vinegar spray will have a similar effect at deterring spiders.

Wash windows: cleaning windows with ammonia and water helps to prevent the creatures from getting inside.

Fill in gaps: filling in walls, around pipework and under doors can deter entry.

Reviews for SpiderEx

SpiderEx spray reviews

Customers and CCTV installers who use SpiderEx buy it every year and rave about it!

Short and sweet. This stuff WORKS. Have just ordered this autumn’s batch to treat the house in preparation for September, knowing that we will be monster free throughout. Brilliant. Will continue to buy every year. Thanks for making my home comfortable to live in.

– Vicki Edge.

We have been trialling SpiderEx for about six months in UK and France and have found it to be highly effective in reducing the amount of false alarms on our motion detection cameras.

– Richard Howkins. Telecommunication and Control system services Manager at Eurotunnel.

SpiderEx is the first choice of many who need to remove Spiders from a specific area. Buy Today! You can buy a can today from amazon.co.uk, Lakeland, North West Locks and YESSS Electrical (just visit the site and search SpiderEx).

For bulk orders contact sales@qedgroup.co.uk for trade prices.

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SpiderEx Spray: everything you need to know

Posted on Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 in Blog

SpiderEx spray reviews

Remove spiders from your CCTV cameras. Stop false alarm triggers with SpiderEx.

If you are the owner of a CCTV system, or an engineer on call-out for an alarm trigger, then you know the nightmare that is spiders nesting over CCTV cameras. Whether you’re wasting personal time trying to bat the critters away, or you’re wasting precious business time when you realise your call out is nothing more than an 8-legged creature, there is a solution that works to protect your cameras and reduce false call outs.

spiderex spray review

how does spiderex work

SpiderEx is the spider repellent spray designed to banish those pesky arachnids from your CCTV cameras and alarm sensors. Although made for the CCTV industry, the product has become a rather handy, multi-purpose spray; proving very popular in the domestic market.

Spray, Leave, Done. It’s that simple.

SpiderEx sets into a clear lacquer, essentially forming a barrier that spiders really do not like. Simply spray the product 30cm away from the area you wish to apply it to. If using on security equipment, cover the optical surface with a clean cloth whilst spraying the camera housing. Then, the product will set and remain effective for up to 6 months. Of course, this is dependent on weather conditions; so we suggest to ensure you check your cameras after torrential rain.

If you are using the product indoors, please ensure the room is well ventilated. Also, remove all pets from the room whilst spraying the product.

spiderex spray safety

Where can I buy SpiderEx?

You can purchase SpiderEx from:



North West Locks

YESSS Electrical (contact your local branch)

Alternatively, you can order directly from us.

spiderex spray no mark

More SpiderEx blog posts:

Protecting cameras to reduce false call outs

Be prepared for spider season with SpiderEx

Be Prepared for Spider Season with SpiderEx

Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2019 in Blog

SpiderEx Spray – A CCTV Camera’s Best Friend.

SpiderEx works to keep spiders and other creepy-crawlies away from CCTV cameras. The product saves you time and money on call-outs, as it prevents frequent issues with false alarm triggers.

SpiderEx also is a handy domestic helper, as people begin to use the product within their homes to remove spiders from places such as caravans, garages, boats, cars, motorbikes and sheds.

What is SpiderEx?

The spray has been specially developed to remove spiders from any area it is applied. It leaves an odourless film without any sticky residue. The product also works wonders on ants, cockroaches, beetles, centipedes, dog ticks, fleas, flies, silverfish and wasps. With an overall score of 9.2 on Repellent Guide, SpiderEx is suitable as a domestic home helper or to prevent spiders nesting over your business CCTV cameras.

Commercial Amazon Review

“Great stuff for use on CCTV camera areas that keep attracting spiders where the IR heat attracts them. I spray this around the area on the wall and on the camera casing to deter spiders from making webs. Best used for me when I use a long reach duster to spread the repellent around the lens and around the camera mouth on the wall. Well worth the cost.” – Nigel

Domestic Amazon Review

“I was recommended SpiderEx by a customer who had great results from it. I now sell it in our small chandlery so all my customers an benefit from its results. No spiders, no webs and no black spots to clean away when you return to your boat. Unlike some of the other products on the market, it leaves no marks or greasy residue. It’s a must have for all boaters and I use it in the house as well!” – Rachel Garrison

Watch the official SpiderEx video:

You can purchase SpiderEx from the official site, or from Lakeland and Amazon. Alternatively, you can ring Quality Essential Distribution on 01772 336111.

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