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QED had a fantastic few days at Energy 2017. The exhibition exceeded expectations with a bustling stand, great leads and outstanding clientele. Overall, we had a busy, fun and beneficial week!


Energy 2017: Q&A

Following on from the show, we interviewed QED Product Development Director, Matt Philp. Matt shares details of the show such as how we found our first ever exhibition and what we will do differently next year!

Q: Have you exhibited before?

A: No, this was our first time at UKCW. As a distributor of CCTV products, our target audience is usually security installers. We previously didn’t think that UKCW was best for our product set. However, this changed this year as we launched our new ‘EV – Energy Vault’, which fitted into the energy sector perfectly.

The Energy Vault (EV) eliminates the need for a UPS as it provides power throughout the day instead of just during power outages. In fact, our own tests have proven that the EV can supply 96 cameras for 19 hours; then fully charge back to 100% capacity within 5 hours. All whilst requiring 60% less rack space and no maintenance requirements.

Q: What made you choose Energy 2017?

A: We chose Energy 2017 because the NEC is in a great location where many companies commute from all over the country. Birmingham itself is within 3 hours of travelling for majority of the UK – whether that be by train or car. As a first-time exhibitor based in Preston, the NEC was close enough for members of our team to visit and help out.

Q: How did you find your first exhibition experience?

A: As a first show, we set realistic targets of success. We achieved this early on the first day and it was overwhelming how well our product was received. The standard of clientele was outstanding, with a constant flow of visitors to the stand. Lots of people participated in our competition too, which is always a bit of fun for everyone.


Q: Is there anything you would do differently?

A: To be totally honest, we were slightly naïve this year. As you know, we’ve never exhibited before and so we’re still learning. We seemed to believe two people could set up the stand, be on the stand for all three days, take it down and load it into the van! At Energy 2018, we will organise the van-to-stand process better to make sure it is less labour intensive. Next year, we will also take advantage of the scanners which allow you to record other people’s badge information.


Q: What are you going to do post-exhibition?

A: We will announce the winner of the drone competition and spread the word on our social media. We will also follow up the many leads and contacts who demonstrated interest in the product; including several consultants that committed to the EV system.


Q: Will you be exhibiting again next year?

A: Yes. We have in fact already booked our exhibition space. We have started to improve our stand with larger exhibiting area and a bigger stand too. Next year, we will include more members of the QED team to help with the demand.

If you want to find out more about the product, feel free to visit our blog to read more:

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