Children in Need Fundraising

On Thursday 16th November, QED planned Children in Need fundraising by arranging the QED Games. With all sorts of prizes lined up for grabs, the QED team could not resist emptying their pockets and purses for our fun-filled games. QED raised £120 for Children in Need, all by paying just 20p per game!




The QED Games

So, you may be wondering what the ‘QED Games’ are. We had 5 different games in place: Putting, Malteaser Challenge, Pong, Darts and ‘Shove a Penny’. All games were scattered around the QED office but had their own rules too. Shove a Penny won by raising £22 just on its own, meanwhile Pong came second, raising £16.80!


The aim of putting was to score the highest amount on a circluar target which consisted of circular scoring zones. Now this was much more difficult than it sounded as the target had little ripples in it which pushed the ball off the maximum score in the centre!!! However, Alun still won with 110 points; bagging himself a cheeseboard and knives! Alistair came second and won a box of Heroes chocolates.


Pong is Beer Pong, minus the beer = Pong. This is how we explained the game to all the staff! We set out lots of cups with different scores on each one. 10 points for the outside cups, 20 points for the inside cups; and 50 points for the one directly in the centre! However, this game was hard. With 6 attempts for 20p, the ball could only bounce once on the table. If it bounced twice, your score did not count. Kerry bagged first place with 80 points, winning a bottle of Hendricks Gin! Howard won second place, meaning a free chippy from the chip van for him. (Howard pushed Olivia out of second place 5 minutes before the game officially finished).


Magnetic Darts

We set up Magnetic Darts in Mark’s Office. Debbie won first place and treated herself to £8 worth of McDonalds breakfast! Mark won second place and treated himself up to £5. However, Olivia was rubbish at darts and hit the light switch more times than the target!

Malteaser Game

Participants had 60 seconds to move malteasers from one box to another. Sounds easy, right? But they did it with a straw! David bagged first place with 35 malteasers in a minute, winning a cocktail glazer set. Whereas Ian won a box of Roses chocolates for second place.

Shove a Penny

This game was ridiculously competitive. Lee, Ian and David drew with 130 points. The idea was to stand behind the QED tape, and throw pennies into different target zones. The smallest zone was worth the maximum of 50 points. Ian, Lee and David had a play off which the whole office watched in anticipation. Lee believed if he threw all his pennies at once he would win because “that’s what happens in the films”. It is safe to say that Lee lost with a poor 10 points. Ian, the Sales Director won with 140 points, the highest score of the day. David did get second place and won a car valeting service. This game raised £22.90 on its own!

A Fantastic Day

children in need

Overall, QED had a fantastic day fundraising for Children in Need. We all wore yellow for Pudsey and also bought our ears and shirts, as well as our free fundraising pack from BBC Children in Need. We are really pleased as a small business to have raised £120.61 in total for such a good cause. What a fantastically competitive day.

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