IndigoVision security surveillance for high-profile events: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 in Blog

IndigoVision Security Surveillance

Needing a high-quality security surveillance solution that provided flexibility and scalability, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo decided to go with IndigoVision’s innovative solution 12 years ago.

Each year the show has grown, now The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo entertain 220,000 people a year split up in 25 performances, about 9,000 guests every night.

Crowed management, security, safety, all of those elements are an important part of their business:

“We’ve been partnering with IndigoVision now for 12 years and we’re absolutely thrilled with the cutting-edge technology this partnership brings. We can see our customers queueing from really hundreds of metres away in all directions.

It’s a very sophisticated matrix which covers both our event at the core but also the wider cordons which stretch out across a living city. The precision of the cameras and ability of the camera to focus and zoom in to particular areas is phenomenal. We can use these cameras to get right down to see the visual aspects of individuals over extremely long distances, which gives us the ability to see much more closely what’s going on and to be able to take effective action. The IR cameras are very, very effective in these low light levels which allow us to effectively have eyes in the dark.”

Watch the short film about IndigoVision’s partnership with the internationally renowned The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo:

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